Home Security Systems

Protect your loved ones. Homes that are protected by a home alarm security system are three times less likely to be broken into than homes without home alarm security systems. Your home is the one place on this planet that you should feel safest. The reason a good home alarm security system can provide that peace of mind is because they actually work. Connected Home Security Systems include 24/7 monitored burglar alarms and camera surveillance systems. Also stay Connected with your family by purchasing our iPHONE, Blackberry or Droid enabled systems.


Business Security Systems

Protect your business from unauthorized break-ins. Monitor employee activity. Control access to secure areas in your office. Prevent misuse or theft of office supplies. Connected designs and installs Business security systems including burglar alarms systems, wireless security systems and 24/7 surveillance systems. Connected offers monitoring of your business continuously — 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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